Tuesday, March 1, 2011

50 degrees at low tide

I hit it hard today!  Low tide was at noon and the temp. away from the water was 50 degrees, near the water not so much.  Boy did I have a great time though, tempting my fate and my dry boots, inching closer and closer to the water peeking to see if I could find any sea glass.  I danced with the tide line until I was too hungry to stay.  Next time I'll have to remember to bring a snack.  I brought home about 30 pieces of sea glass in varying stages of ripeness and maybe about 8 shells and a few rocks for earrings.  I'm into the green ones lately.

I'm on vacation from American Mussel Harvesters this week so I'm finding plenty of time for beach combing.  SO...I'm one happy girl.  I made a pair of earrings today that will have to go to just the right home......I think they may be rocks only a mother could love, lol.  Just for kicks, here's the pic....

Hope all is well with everyone!  Thanks for following!  GO ETSY ENTREPRENEURS!!!


  1. you must have had a lot of fun... beautiful earrings too! I love find cool beach findings. : )


  2. Glad you like them, I DO have a lot of fun. The beach is my favorite place to be.