Thursday, July 7, 2011

Going ring crazy with no sign of stopping.

It's been all about wearing sea glass, rocks, and shells on my fingers these days.  Other jewelry is really for other people to admire, I can't see the earrings on my ears or the necklaces I wear.  Rings have that special something because you can see them all the time.  I'm really, truly thinking that this may be it for me.  Making jewelry for the sole pleasure of the person wearing it.  I don't have to make matches for earrings or make jewelry that I can't see once I put it on.  I almost refuse to at this point.  Everyone in this day and age could use a little piece of the beach to take with them on life's journey.  That's where I'm at and I don't see myself budging for the forseeable future.

To the circles drawn in the sand at the beach.  They've always brought sunshine into my life.  has the current ring overload for sale.  $9 plus $2.75 shipping to US only.  Price may change based on demand.

Have fun out there, it's summertime.


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